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From: Rev Simon Rumble
Subject: Re: [] restaurant recommendations required
Date: 22:54 on 23 Jan 2007
This one time, at band camp, Martin Frost wrote:

> Now the food constraints:
> 	- one person is vegetarian (milk ok, eggs might be)
> 	- two people don't like Indian food
> 	- at least three are committed carnivores

Depends whether "don't like Indian food" means "don't like chilli" or 
not, but I love Bi Won, a really great Korean restaurant.

In particular, the "Sauced Fried Chicken" is great (yes, that's my 
review on LOG).  Upstairs area can easily support nine people.  Good 
vegetarian options.  You'd be hard-pressed to find vegetarian without 
being spicy though, but the BBQ meat things will be fine for carnivores 
who don't like spice.

Rev Simon Rumble <>

 "University politics are vicious precisely because the
  stakes are so small."
- Henry Kissinger

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