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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] Gosh, we're nearly four years old.
Date: 17:28 on 26 Jan 2007
On Thu 25 Jan 2007, Simon Wistow <> wrote:
> In a stunning chnage of plans it's looking like I now will be.
> Hurrah!


OK, I have talked to Juliet about vegan-ness and basically there seem
to be plenty of restaurants that (a) can cater for vegans with a bit
of warning and (b) the meat-eaters won't get all whiny about.

So I propose we go and eat delicious food in a restaurant on the
evening of Friday 9th March, say around 8pm.  I suppose we could meet
in a nearby pub beforehand as well, and drink some fine ales.

A suitable Plan A restaurant appears to be Arbutus, as recommended by
Simon on this very list.  Juliet and Ben are checking it out on
Thursday, so we'll be able to see if their promise to feed her vegan
food is realised.  If they turn out to suck in that respect, then
we'll find somewhere else.

Any objections?  Anyone else got any dietary requirements that aren't
covered by the union of "vegan" and "lots of tasty meat"?


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