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From: Nigel Rantor
Subject: Re: [] Fourth anniversary meal
Date: 14:49 on 05 Feb 2007
Yes, even though I generally scorn the reduced menus.

Send me yer vital statistics...banking, that is...


Kake L Pugh wrote:
> OK, I have us a venue for the dinner on Friday 9th March: Vivat Bacchus.
> The restaurant is on Farringdon Road, near Chancery Lane, Farringdon,
> Barbican, and City Thameslink stations.  They do lots of meat, and
> lots of wine, and they can cater for vegans.
> Could people who're definitely or very probably able to come shout
> now, please?  I would like to be able to figure out by the end of the
> week whether we will be 10 or more.
> If it turns out that there will be 10 or more of us (which I hope
> there will!) then:
>  - I'll need a 20 quid deposit from each person coming (by the end of February
>    at the latest, but the earlier the better, since it means I have to do less
>    pestering).  Direct bank transfer preferred, cash OK, cheques detested.
>  - We will be ordering from a reduced menu of three starters and three mains,
>    but we don't have to choose in advance, we choose on the night.
> (I see no reason why people shouldn't be able to bring along people who
> aren't currently on the list, BTW.)
> Kake

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