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From: James Bywater
Subject: Re: [] Sweet potato glut
Date: 00:32 on 13 Feb 2007
Fried up with chunks of chorizo... mmmmm

On 12 Feb 2007, at 06:13, Rev Simon Rumble wrote:

> I've got a bit of a sweet potato glut.  A group of mates has gone  
> into a
> bit of a market shopping club, so we'll take it in turns to get up  
> early
> on Saturdays and do a big market shop.  First week and we seem to have
> bought rather a lot of sweet potato.  I love the stuff but I'm  
> gonna get
> really bored with my usual recipes by the end of it.
> Any tips?  It's Summer over here, so keep that in mind.
> -- 
> Rev Simon Rumble <>
>  "Those of you who think you know everything are
>   annoying to those of us who do."
> - David Brent, "The Office"

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