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From: David Cantrell
Subject: Re: [] Curry recipes
Date: 12:13 on 22 Feb 2007
On Thu, Feb 22, 2007 at 10:48:02AM -0000, Russell Joanne (ST) wrote:

>  I have organic jumbo king prawns and I want to do a side veggie dish,
> that actually tastes like indian food, rather than my usual watery
> flavoured veg.
> Anyone got any suggestions?

Saag aloo is pretty easy.  This works for two people.

two potatoes, parboiled, diced and left to drain;
some spinach (it's hard to say how much, I just add more if it doesn't
  look like there's enough. I certainly don't bother weighing it);
an onion;
two cloves of garlic;
a little oil;
some milk;
flaked almond;

Chop the onion, and fry in a saucepan.  Add a pinch each of crushed
black pepper, chili powder, ginger powder, a somewhat more generous
helping of chopped coriander, and the crushed or *finely* chopped
garlic.  When it smells nice, add the tater and a little milk, stir well
to make sure the tater is well covered in tasty gunk.  Tear the spinach
into manageable size bits and add it.  Stir some more.  Cook on a low
heat for a few minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure everything is
covered and nothing burns.  Don't let it get too dry - add more milk if

Serve with a little flaked almond on top.

You may also want to add some turmeric, mostly for the colour.

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