[london.food] Fourth anniversary meal - reminder

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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: [london.food] Fourth anniversary meal - reminder
Date: 00:50 on 26 Feb 2007
Just a reminder about the dinner on Friday 9th March.  I'm currently
expecting Nigel Rantor, David Cantrell, Martin Frost, Juliet Kemp,
Ivor Williams, Hugh Macdonald, Billy Abbott, Simon Wistow, Bob Walker,
and Jonathan Chin.

Anyone else?  Go on, you know you want to.

We're going to Vivat Bacchus:

The restaurant is on Farringdon Road, near Chancery Lane, Farringdon,
Barbican, and City Thameslink stations.  They do lots of meat, and
lots of wine, and they can cater for vegans.  We'll be ordering from a
reduced menu of three starters and three mains, but we don't have to
choose in advance, we choose on the night.

Our table is booked for 8pm, and we'll be meeting beforehand in the
Bleeding Heart, just around the corner:


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