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From: Rev Simon Rumble
Subject: [london.food] Harissa vegetable filo
Date: 23:25 on 28 Feb 2007
I threw something together last night to use up some veg and it turned 
out really really good!

Fried up some onions and garlic, then fried half a diced aubergine.  
Later threw in a diced courgette.  Then I mixed two tablespoons of 
harissa spice mix and some freshly ground cumin with one of those 
yoghurt tubs of tomato paste and a healthy dash of tabasco.  With the 
frypan on very low I mixed this through the vegetables and let it cook 
for a bit while I got the filo ready.

While this cooked up I lined a loaf tin with filo pastry, leaving a big 
overlap at the top, following the instructions on the pack.  Then I 
filled it with the vegetables, topped with a bit of crumbled feta and 
sprinkled chopped chives (including the flower heads) on top.  Closed it 
up, brushed with butter and stuck in the oven on 180 for 40 minutes.

Turned out really really good.  Quite spicy but lip-smacking good!  
Served with some steamed corn cobs, which we also have in abundance at 
the moment.

Rev Simon Rumble <simon@xxxxxx.xxx>

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- Robin Williams

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