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From: Tony Kennick
Subject: Re: [] Bread Maker
Date: 16:21 on 05 Mar 2007
On Mon, Mar 05, 2007 at 04:15:46PM -0000,
the following was promulgated by John Corcoran:

> I don't know if this is obvious since there are many people out there
> clearly cooking some pretty complicated bits and pieces, but my Mum has
> great results with her bread maker from some of your fairly standard
> packets from supermarkets.

I did pick up an all in one packet from Morrisons to try as it was on
offer and next to the yeast so I'm not adverse to trying them.
I will also be asking my mum which recipes work best for her, I know
for example, she spent ages trying different recipes before she got a
good one for bara brith.
I'm also perfectly open to suggestions along the lines of "buy a copy of
x book"

        Tony Kennick

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