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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] Bread Maker
Date: 22:47 on 05 Mar 2007
On Mon 05 Mar 2007, Natalie Ford <> wrote:
> On that note, does anyone know where I can get hold of dried soya milk?

Veganstore - - do it (under groceries).

Re bread making, I recommend Dan Lepard's "The Handmade Loaf", along with
his forums at  Piers Cawley recommended him to me last year,
and I'm now making bread that's ten times better than anything I've ever
made before.  He has a neat minimal-knead method that might be of interest
to those who don't like kneading.  I believe Juliet is also a fan.  Piers
has some good photos on his livejournal -

I use a vegan sourdough starter that Juliet passed on to me, and am happy to
provide some to anyone who wants it (can bring it on Friday).  I'm not
convinced that using a 160-year-old (or whatever it was) starter makes any
difference at all, since once you've used and refreshed it a few times it's
basically running on your local yeasts/bacteria anyway. is where I get my flour.


There's stuff above here

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