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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] Lunchtime at Home
Date: 12:53 on 06 Mar 2007
Gosh, it's nice to be back in my own house.

I'm taking advantage of having my own kitchen again and the fact that 
I'm wokring from home to try and get back into the hang of this cooking 
malarkey again.  I I've only cooked about 4 times in the last 3 months 
which sucks - lots of fish and salad in San Fran, the abortive roast 
beef there too, some lovely veal chops 


and bangers and mash once. Oh, and chalet style carbs with carbs over 
new years when snowboarding.

So, for lunch today I scavenge together a leek, an unopened packet of 
peanuts and some ham and made a beschamel sauce with parmesan, cooked 
some big tubey pasta, tossed it with the leeks that had been sauteed 
with the peanuts, shredded the ham and mixed that in then topped the 
whole thing off with more parmesan and some breadcrumbs and slung it 
under the grill to brown.

It's just come out now and I'm waiting for it to cool a little but it 
smells fantastic.

I missed cooking - especially little off-the-cuff dishes - so much.


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