[london.food] Sunday Roast

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] Sunday Roast
Date: 13:43 on 12 Mar 2007
I did my first roast since the debacle in the states on Sunday and, 
fortunately, this one went extremely well.

The meat was leg of pork - which came out moist and tender, flavoursome 
and the crackling cripsed up nicely. I served it with roast potatoes 
(naturellment), Yorkshire Pudding (slightly heretical I know, but I've 
missed them), parsnip puree (first attempt at this, it came out really 
well), brussel sprouts with bacon and water chestnuts (ditto, I *really* 
liked these), roasted carrots with honey and lemon and walnut and 
apricot stuffing. 

I've missed roast dinners.

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