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From: David Cantrell
Subject: [london.food] Whisky tasting
Date: 14:43 on 20 Mar 2007
On the evening of the 16th of April there's a whisky tasting at
Vinopolis.  There will be three Bowmores and three Suntorys.  If you
wanna come along, let me know *this week* so I can book places, which
are GBP27.50 each.

And, of course, please forward this to anyone who I should have sent it
to in the first place.

I went to one last night, where we tried seven different Ben Riach
bottlings.  It's a cracking new single malt.  Their 12 year old is an
excellent example of Speyside whisky, although not much of the Ben Riach
personality comes through.  I wasn't so impressed by the 16 and 20 year
olds, but the 25 is a stunner.  Lots of honey and fruit in it, and far
FAR too easy to drink.

They also, very unusually for a Speyside, do a couple of peated
whiskies.  The ten year old is excellent.  The flowery fruity Speyside
is still very obvious in it, but with added smoke and bite from the
peat.  But unlike yer normal Islay peated whiskies, there's no salt and
seaweed.  The 21 year old peated bottling was, I thought, a little *too*
peaty.  It was very similar to, say, a fairly standard Ardbeg, with
little if any of the Speyside delicacy coming through.

Finally, there was a 15 year old which had spent two years in a sherry
cask.  For those who like that sort of thing, I think it would be a very
good whisky.  Personally, if you're going to use fancy barrels I prefer
whisky that's spent time in a port or madeira cask.

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