[london.food] Pancake recipes

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From: Richard van Oorschot
Subject: [london.food] Pancake recipes
Date: 20:58 on 21 Mar 2007
Hello all!

This next saturday is international pancake day (who would've
thought). And as we're sort of part of the international community in
Eindhoven, we're organising an international pancake dinner *slash*
party. As you've probably guessed; I'm looking for ideas. The standard
pancake recipes (dutch-style ones, american/canadian fluffy, french
crèpes) I can think of, but there must be weird or interesting ideas
running around in your heads. I think I can allow (for diversity's
sake) ventures towards pancake lookalikes (tortilla, wraps etc).
Also, savoury recipes are very welcome. This should be a *dinner*,
mind, so just serving sweet stuff won't cut it.

I wonder what you've got!


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