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From: Russell Joanne \(ST\)
Subject: RE: [] Moving house
Date: 11:36 on 22 Mar 2007
OK thanks everyone, (I've heard of sabatier - and now I have another name - Global!) and I saw a Sabatier knife block thingy with about 5 knives on ebay for sale for about 40 which I thought was quite good price?  Lots of people also selling some make called Henkel, anyone heard of em?  

 I'm only really looking for the set as they usually come with somewhere to keep them!  I might take a look around and see what I can get separately.  
Re knife sharpening - you are all talking about techniques but I have yet to successfully sharpen any knife?  I know my dad does his fishing / filleting knives with what looks like an old bit of metal but I've never been able to figure out how its done.  What about those ones where you just pull it through?  Are electric ones any good?
How do I find out how to do it?  Blunt knives are the bane of my life.

I am very nervous about moving, its been so stressful, its going to be worse when we move and have no furniture for a while - I am hoping it will be worth it to have our own place!

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On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 11:01:39AM -0000, Russell Joanne (ST) wrote:
> Now we haven't got a lot of money but I do really want a half decent 
> knife set.  I was looking on Ebay and Amazon the other day and I 
> realise I am hampered slightly by having no idea of what a good name 
> is to look for or what qualities I should be looking at!

I'd recommend not buying a knife set, but deciding which individual knives you want & spending more money on those.

e.g. we have a good breadknife, a very good large chef's knife, & a very good little vegetable/paring knife.  And a couple of very average knives (one serrated, one not) dating from both of our student days.  And do buy a knifeblock or something to keep 'em in.  

I'd also strongly recommend going & trying them out in person rather than buying online.  I think we got ours from Pages, or possibly Jaeggis, both on Shaftesbury Ave.  Knife-heft is a very individual thing!


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