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From: David Cantrell
Subject: Re: [] Whisky tasting
Date: 23:56 on 22 Mar 2007
John Costello wrote:

> How new is Ben Riach?

In its current guise, a coupla years.

 >                       I would swear that I have had it before

That is *very* unlikely.

 >                                                              and they
> mention that they were reopened in 1965.

But that was only so that the owners could use their output in blends. 
Between then and the new owners taking over a coupla years ago, they 
released just one very limited bottling as a single malt.  But when the 
new people took over, they also bought all the stock, so they have casks 
of the stuff covering most of the output from 1966 onwards.

>> They also, very unusually for a Speyside, do a couple of peated
>> [mouth-watering description trimmed]
> Mmmmm.  Sounds wonderful. - 10 yr old peated - 12 yr old unpeated

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