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From: Juliet Kemp
Subject: Re: [] Moving house
Date: 11:24 on 22 Mar 2007
On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 11:01:39AM -0000, Russell Joanne (ST) wrote:
> Now we haven't got a lot of money but I do really want a half decent
> knife set.  I was looking on Ebay and Amazon the other day and I realise
> I am hampered slightly by having no idea of what a good name is to look
> for or what qualities I should be looking at!

I'd recommend not buying a knife set, but deciding which individual
knives you want & spending more money on those.

e.g. we have a good breadknife, a very good large chef's knife, & a very
good little vegetable/paring knife.  And a couple of very average knives
(one serrated, one not) dating from both of our student days.  And do
buy a knifeblock or something to keep 'em in.  

I'd also strongly recommend going & trying them out in person rather
than buying online.  I think we got ours from Pages, or possibly
Jaeggis, both on Shaftesbury Ave.  Knife-heft is a very individual


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