[london.food] Dim sum

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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: [london.food] Dim sum
Date: 19:58 on 09 Apr 2007
So, I know that dim sum is (are?) traditionally eaten with tea, no
later than mid-afternoon, and I also know that it can be problematic
and disrespectful to appropriate other people's traditions (culinary
or otherwise) and then make a total hash of them - but I really really
like having an evening meal that consists of lots of little things
rather than one big thing.  Like, say, dim sum.

The New World offers dim sum in the evenings now, and me and doop
tried it out late last year.  We were pretty much the only people in
the restaurant; but still, the dim sum was (were?) good, and I liked
having wine with it (them?).

So: (a) is there a good _objective_ reason to not eat dim sum in the
evening, with wine instead of tea; and (b) where else in London does
dim sum in the evening?

(Am thinking about dim sum at the moment mainly due to ChrisDodo's
del.icio.us bookmarking of
and the eGullet thread
linked from there.)


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