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From: Nigel Rantor
Subject: [london.food] Sardo Canale & Chips
Date: 12:40 on 10 Apr 2007
So, went out for a meal at Sardo Canale[1] thursday lunchtime.

It was Nicola's birthday the night before and we fancied some nice food 
to celebrate, only managed the pub on her birthday proper.

It's close to my house and I was going to pop out for lunch then get 
back to work.

Anyways, it's very nice, just down by the canal, next to the ramp/stairs 
that lead up to where The Engineer[2] is, which I also reccomend, 
although sometimes their service leaves something to be desired.

Anyway, Sardo was very nice, got a table outside in the shade.

Maitre'd was happy to recommend some wine, and made sure he checked the 
price range was okay with us first. I'm not a greatfan of white wine but 
it was scrummy, although I don't recall what it was called.

I had anchovies to start, very very fresh. Never seen the like before. 
Not white, nice and meaty. Came with grilled courgette and baby spinach. 
And was extremely tasty.

Moved on to pan-fried fillet of lamb with leeks and crusty cubed 
potatoes. I nearly died. I love lamb, and this lamb was amazing. I could 
have had another plate or two.

Pannacotta was okay, bit heavy, and the pastry chef with us complained 
that it didn't have enough vanilla in it, but after the lamb I was 
giving them a lot of leeway.

Went to The Engineer afterwards to continue soaking up sun in their 
garden and more wine.

I highly recommend Sardo Canale, not cheap, but worth it.


In other news I went and spent some gift voouchers that have been 
hanging around for a while on equipment to pan-fry chips.

Made a couple of batches yesterday and came very close to my goal of 
"Like mum used to make". With eggs fried in the pan after and some beans 
I was back in heaven. Still experimenting with the relative temperatures 
for the first and second frying but very happy with the results so far.

Now I must go find out why this bloody CORBA library isn't working...feh...


1 - http://www.sardocanale.com/

2 - http://www.the-engineer.com/

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