[london.food] Knife Sharpening

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From: James O'Brien
Subject: [london.food] Knife Sharpening
Date: 21:09 on 04 May 2007
We've moved onto our boat, hooray! And we've spent the last few weeks  
doing the usual stuff-amalgamation formalities with our kitchen  
utensils. We've got ourselves down to one set of very good Richardson  
Sheffield knives and one set of very crap cheap TK Maxx knives but  
they do hold a pair of scissors in the block and sometimes you don't  
want to use the good knives.

What we've realised, however, is that all the knives, good and bad  
alike, desperately need sharpening and both of us are too ham-fisted  
to do it right (we've tried practising on the knives we're not  
keeping and... well... does anyone need magic props for that trick  
where you appear to slice open your forearm?).

So we're trying to work out where we can go to get them sharpened -  
does anyone have any suggestions?

Also - the boat used to be a hotel and we've inherited a huge number  
of mugs, saucers, plates, glasses, enormous cookware, foam  
mattresses, bedding, really good single duvets and canoes. Any takers?

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