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From: Nigel Rantor
Subject: Re: [] Knife Sharpening
Date: 12:07 on 08 May 2007
James O'Brien wrote:
> We've moved onto our boat, hooray! And we've spent the last few weeks 
> doing the usual stuff-amalgamation formalities with our kitchen 
> utensils. We've got ourselves down to one set of very good Richardson 
> Sheffield knives and one set of very crap cheap TK Maxx knives but they 
> do hold a pair of scissors in the block and sometimes you don't want to 
> use the good knives.


I know this was discussed recently, and since there seemed to be quite a 
bit of interest, how about someone who does know how to sharpen knives 
give the rest of us a demo one night?

I'm not sure a pub would be too happy with a bunch of knife-wielding 
people dressed in black descending upon them, but maybe it would be a 
good opportunity to visit Bermondsey[1]

We could call it a Free Knife-In(tm), or perhaps something less suggestive.

I have been longing to go buy a new knife, so would be more than happy 
to bring my current one (which really needs all the nicks taken out of 
it) and possibly destroy it practising.


[1] Well, Kake suggested it when we went out for a meal.

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