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From: Nigel Rantor
Subject: Re: [] Knife Sharpening
Date: 12:44 on 08 May 2007
David Cantrell wrote:
> On Tue, May 08, 2007 at 12:07:45PM +0100, Nigel Rantor wrote:
>> I know this was discussed recently, and since there seemed to be quite a 
>> bit of interest, how about someone who does know how to sharpen knives 
>> give the rest of us a demo one night?
> And more than just a demo - a demo and then help people to sharpen their
> own knives there and then.  DOING something is the best way to make sure
> that the technique sticks in your head, after all.

Yes, I thought that was kind of was a scandalous attempt to 
get someone who knows what they're doing to help me sharpen my crappy 
knife before I feel the need to do it to a nice spanky new one in a few 
months/years time.


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