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From: Ian Malpass
Subject: Re: [] Knife Sharpening
Date: 22:09 on 09 May 2007
Nicola Tarbet wrote:
> I bought a knife some months ago for just this purpose. Didn't get round 
> to buying a steel though.

Well, you use the steel (or ceramic) to keep the blade sharp. You need a 
stone of some sort to actually sharpen the knife.

I blunted my nice Global knives by not realising this.

One of my wife's chef friends pointed me in the direction of a local[0] 
Wusthof rep who does knife sharpening. I think I'll invest in 
professional help periodically.


[0] Local to Minneapolis, Minnesota, that is. Not much help to the rest 
of you, alas.

There's stuff above here

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