Re: [] Cake knife and serving measurements

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From: Richard van Oorschot
Subject: Re: [] Cake knife and serving measurements
Date: 09:39 on 09 May 2007
> Having said that, what kitchen implement do you have that one might
> think was least used, and which one *is* least used?

You're right; there's a few really useful kitchen tools that I find I
hardly ever use, but wouldn't want to miss (pasta maker, meat grinder,
I'm looking at you here). But that doesn't make them useless, right?
Silly implements like a spaghetti measure (bit of wood with holes
increasing in (serving) size in it, so it's as big as it's useless)
are the sort of thing you wouldn't ever buy, but through gifts end up
in the yard sale after years of clogging up the drawers. Oh, and don't
get me started on novelty items. Who needs friggin 'happy birthday'
creaking from a cake knife?!

> Or just don't replay and force me to do some work...
Ah, work, *that* was what I was supposed to be doing. Right.


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