[london.food] Free Knife-In - Bermondsey

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From: Nigel Rantor
Subject: [london.food] Free Knife-In - Bermondsey
Date: 12:24 on 10 May 2007
Hello all,

Right, so there appears to be some interest in finding one or two people 
who are strong in the use of knife sharpening implements (stone more 
than steel) to demonstrate the technique to the rest of us mortals.

Kake has space for us to congregate in Bermondsey (details Kake?)

I am happy to herd people, and to that end this is a dual-purpose e-mail.

Could anyone who is willing to demonstrate/teach let me know when you're 
available, on or off list, I'll then try and organise around everyone 
else's schedule.

Kake - you could help by telling me when in the next couple of weeks 
you'd be okay to have a bunch of knife-wielding maniacs in black in your 
home :-)



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