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From: James O'Brien
Subject: Re: [] Cake knife and serving measurements
Date: 22:11 on 18 May 2007
On 18 May 2007, at 21:57, John Costello wrote:

> That's a pity.  We have a nice handheld hard cheese grater that we
> occasionally use to grate ginger or garlic.  Not overly fancy, but  
> very
> useful.  If your girlfriend never grates ginger, at least you have
> something for grating parmesan.

I'm very pleased with my Microplane grater, and it came with a little  
plastic handle attachment for grating small things. Works on ginger  
but it's also good for parmesan, nutmeg and chocolate. Plus it looks  
quite fancy (has a nice rubberised handle, anyway) and isn't too  

There's stuff above here

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