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From: Nigel Rantor
Subject: Re: [] Free Knife-In - Bermondsey
Date: 10:41 on 22 May 2007
Well, unfortunately we've still had no one in London who has offered to 
demonstrate :-(

We won't be testing the newly sharpened knives on the teacher, honest. :-)


Nigel Rantor wrote:
> Hello all,
> Right, so there appears to be some interest in finding one or two people 
> who are strong in the use of knife sharpening implements (stone more 
> than steel) to demonstrate the technique to the rest of us mortals.
> Kake has space for us to congregate in Bermondsey (details Kake?)
> I am happy to herd people, and to that end this is a dual-purpose e-mail.
> Could anyone who is willing to demonstrate/teach let me know when you're 
> available, on or off list, I'll then try and organise around everyone 
> else's schedule.
> Kake - you could help by telling me when in the next couple of weeks 
> you'd be okay to have a bunch of knife-wielding maniacs in black in your 
> home :-)
> Regards,
>   n

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