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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] Cocktail database?
Date: 15:41 on 08 Jun 2007
On Fri 08 Jun 2007, Jakob Whitfield <> wrote:
> I seem to recall Dale DeGroff (master bartender and bar writer)
> recommending , which lets you search by
> ingredient.

I like the presentation of results on that site, but I don't think I
can do the kind of search I want - as far as I can see, I can do a
search for "all cocktails which include all of these ingredients", but
not "all cocktails which I can make with the things I have on hand".
Does that make sense?  I can search for all cocktails which include
both gin and vodka, but not for all cocktails which I can make in a
kitchen containing gin, vodka, orange juice, lemons, sugar syrup, and
amaretto (for example).


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