[london.food] Cocktail database?

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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: [london.food] Cocktail database?
Date: 15:09 on 08 Jun 2007
(Thank you Simon for fixing the list!)

I've been looking for a website that will let me enter the ingredients I
have and then show me which cocktails I can make with those ingredients.
I've found a few, but they either don't work
(http://www.cocktailcentral.co.uk/exenc.htm) or have annoying interfaces

Can any of you recommend somewhere?  I'd like to enter the ingredients by
clicking checkboxes as on http://www.cocktailcentral.co.uk/exenc.htm and
then have the results presented as a list with ingredient summaries,
something like:

* After Burner
** tabasco, vodka
* Aloha Screwdriver
** orange juice, pineapple juice, vodka
* Apple Eden
** apple juice, vodka

I don't mind clicking on the list items to get fuller details and
quantities, but I do want to see the full list on one page with the
ingredients (which is where barbug fails).

(Alternatively if you know of somewhere that has cocktail data in a
parseable format, I could write the interface myself.)


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