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From: Greg McCarroll
Subject: tequila and tacos Was: [london.food] [ADMIN] Test
Date: 14:26 on 09 Jun 2007
On 8 Jun 2007, at 20:44, John Costello wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Jun 2007, Simon Wistow wrote:
>> Upgrading some software broke the mailing list.
> Yes, I saw that.  "/usr/local/bin/tequila" ???

no idea guv, but if someone wrote a mailing list manager in perl, i'd  
hack on it.

anyway, so this has some food content and incredibly cunningly, even  
if i do say so
myself sticking with the mexican theme above, street tacos ...

	get some soft tacos or small tortillas, half an onion, 2 tomatoes,  
and about
	12 or 15 good sized prawns. oh and some fresh coriander, some hot  
sauce and
	some tobasco sauce.

	chop very finely the onion. fry it for just a minute to take the  
edge off and
	throw this out in a bowl.

	finely chop the tomatoes, throw in a bowl.

	chop a generous helping of coriander leaves, you guessed it, throw  
in a bowl.

	throw a little and i mean <10 finely chopped pieces of onions, a few  
pieces of
	tomatoes and a pinch of coriander back in the pan, then throw in  
your shelled
	prawns adding a good dash or 5 of hot sauce, heat them up (cook if  
required) and
	generally get them bubbling nicely in the hotsauce and other flavours.

	(you probably should heat your premade soft tacos/tortillas before  
this point)

	serve it all, getting people to put in some of the hot prawns, some  
tobasco as
	well directly into the street taco/tortilla - go over the top here  
even if you
	are not that into spicy food, as it really works, the tomatoes,  
onion and of course
	a generous serving of coriander.

	relax, enjoy and contemplate perhaps with a cold mexican beer that  
you've just
	made this really tasty food in less than 10 minutes.

	(this was based on a dish that i first had in CA from a really cheap  
          place for about $1 a taco and later had in London for more  
like $8 a taco.)


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