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From: James O'Brien
Subject: Re: [] Odd Bits Of Kitchen Equipment
Date: 10:22 on 05 Jul 2007
On 5 Jul 2007, at 10:05, Simon Wistow wrote:

> I used to have a Braun hand mixer which was awesome but it went away.
> Occasionally I think of getting a full on food processor but I've
> muddled throuhg without one until now so it's never been a priority.

I wouldn't give up my food processor for the world, because I love  
being able to throw a load of ingredients in one end and pour banana  
bread batter out of the other. But on the other hand, my stick  
blender gets used ten times as often and you can get the fancy ones  
now that can slice and dice with the appropriate attachments.

> I jones for Spaetzle on a regular basis so you've just sold me on the
> whole concept.

Any good recipe suggestions? We usually use them as a bed for Chicken  
Paprikash but I know they're pretty versatile.

There's stuff above here

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