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From: Jenny Mather
Subject: Re: [] Odd Bits Of Kitchen Equipment
Date: 10:46 on 05 Jul 2007
Having just had all my stuff moved from storage and now into the flat where
I'm living (woot!!) I have realised you can get by with just a few
essentials (*) but having that next to useless kitchen gadget is handy......

- my jucier for using up all that fruit purchased on the health kick
- the crÍpe pan...
- bamboo steamer
- ballon whisks of many sizes
though my Mr Frosty doesn't get as much use as I would like......

I agree with the use of the use of the hand blender and had wish that hadn't
stayed in storage for so long.....

(Happily reunited with all her stuff!)

*I would add to simon's list a good corkscrew but then again I travel with
that, now in hold luggage after the parents had theirs (plural!) taken from
them on their way to Lourdes with a bunch of OAPs - they were talked and
whispered about afterwards while they merrily drank champagne instead!

On 05/07/07, James O'Brien <james@xxxxxx.xx.xx> wrote:
> On 5 Jul 2007, at 10:05, Simon Wistow wrote:
> > I used to have a Braun hand mixer which was awesome but it went away.
> > Occasionally I think of getting a full on food processor but I've
> > muddled throuhg without one until now so it's never been a priority.
> I wouldn't give up my food processor for the world, because I love
> being able to throw a load of ingredients in one end and pour banana
> bread batter out of the other. But on the other hand, my stick
> blender gets used ten times as often and you can get the fancy ones
> now that can slice and dice with the appropriate attachments.
> > I jones for Spaetzle on a regular basis so you've just sold me on the
> > whole concept.
> Any good recipe suggestions? We usually use them as a bed for Chicken
> Paprikash but I know they're pretty versatile.
> --
> -James

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