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From: Russell Joanne \(ST\)
Subject: RE: [] Odd Bits Of Kitchen Equipment
Date: 14:36 on 05 Jul 2007
I am utterly useless at cooking rice but this works for me, I rinse it
for ages then put it in a pan, pour freshly boiled kettle water in it
(to about an inch above the level of the rice) and let it sit until the
rice is a bit 'fluffy' looking then cook on hob for a few minutes.

Anyway does anyone know how to cook brown rice?  For health reasons I am
interested in switching but the last lot I made, despite following the
packet instructions, tasted crunchy and horrible.

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On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Rev Simon Rumble wrote:

> The tricks are:
> * Rinse the rice until the water washes clear
> * 1:1.5 by volume of rice:water
> I'm sure I've tried these tricks before, without success, but the 
> ratio
> seems important.  I'm pretty chuffed to be able to do rice at last.  I

> felt like such a tard.

The method I was recommended by several Indian acquaintances to cook
Basmati was to first wash it well as above, but then to soak it in cold
water for half to one hour. After soaking, replace the soaking water
with boiling and the rice will cook in a few minutes perfectly in an
open pan.

Another technique is to fry the dry rice for a minute or two in some oil
after washing, then cook by the absorption method. This is the basis of
pilau rice, and can be used to convey flavours to the rice by frying
spices in the oil before adding the rice.


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