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From: Scott Plimpton
Subject: Re: [] Hot and sour chicken noodle soup
Date: 10:05 on 16 Jul 2007
Funny, watched Hugh F-W do the same thing on his show last night.  Did
you slaughtwer the chook though?

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From: "Rev Simon Rumble" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 03:01:00 +0100
Subject: [] Hot and sour chicken noodle soup

On Saturday night I roasted a chicken and Sunday night I used up the 
leftovers in a very very tasty soup, probably a good one for warding off 

I finely diced and fried up a small onion until translucent, then added 
about two thumbs of grated ginger and two cloves of garlic.  After the 
aroma had started to come out, I put in some chicken stock.  Next I 
added the shredded pickings from the chicken carcass, two teaspoons of 
tamarind extract, a kaffir lime leaf and two teaspoons of chilli jam 
(quite a hot one).

A few minutes before serving, I dropped in some julienned carrots and 
courgette along with a few florets of broccoli.

To serve I boiled up some noodles, drained and put them in the bowls.  
The soup was ladled over the top, a squeeze of lime juice added and a 
wedge of lime stuck in the bowl.

Was absolutely delicious!  The tamarind and lime gives quite a tang, 
while the chilli gives a good burn.  It was surprisingly meaty flavoured 
too.  The heavy garlic and ginger makes for good wintry cold avoidance.  
Yes, I know it's not winter over there 8)

Rev Simon Rumble <>

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