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From: Emily Dubberley
Subject: RE: [] Low fat food
Date: 17:14 on 16 Jul 2007
Rather than going for 'diet' recipes why not just pick healthy low fat
things, for example:

Seared tuna in a soy, garlic, ginger and (tiny bit of) honey marinade,
cooked in a griddle pan with negligible amounts of oil wiped over it
Salad nicoise with an oil light, balsalmic, garlic and mustard heavy
Home made chicken soup with lots of vegetables
Home made minestrone soup with only a tiny bit of oil/bacon
Smoked trout/salmon terrine with horseradish dressing, rocket salad and
boiled new potatoes
Baked aubergine with cherry tomatoes, red onion and a small sprinkling of
Melon with parma ham
Baked bananas with low fat Greek yoghurt

And use posh dark chocolate if you get a craving, 'cos that way you need to
eat less to feel satisfied

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From: Jakob Whitfield [] 
Sent: 16 July 2007 17:01
Subject: Re: [] Low fat food

Me and the missus decided to try the dieting thing a while ago, and I
had much the same reaction to lots of the healthy recipes I saw.

We used the Grauniad's online dieting thingy which I believe is a
rebranded e-diets. A fair amount of tasty stuff there if you look

I found that the most important/useful thing was really seeing how
much food is in x-hundred calories, and realising that in order to be
losing weight I needed to be eating 15-20% less - OR eating less
fat/meat/carbs and more veg. I did feel hungry for the first few days

Alas like many things I have started to slip back into my bad old ways
so I may have to try and instill discipline again before my GP starts
muttering about my cholesterol.


There's stuff above here

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