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From: Juliet Kemp
Subject: Re: [] Low fat food
Date: 10:58 on 17 Jul 2007
On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 09:21:36AM +0100, Russell Joanne (ST) wrote:
> I have started the gym again - although in one of lifes quirky little
> ways I'm extra hungry when I come out.  I have to follow a budget too so
> maybe just cutting a bit out of meals will be the way to go.  I
> certainly wasn't able to lose weight by my healthy eating (attempts)
> alone.  

Single most useful thing I would recommend: start weighing
pasta/rice/etc.  (This may be less useful if you're already good at
guessing right; Pete was tending to regularly cook closer to 150g per
person than 100g per person).  I have a bad tendency to eat what's there
on my plate, even if I then feel overfull, so cutting down pasta/rice a
bit was very useful.  

Second the suggestion of eating the decent chocolate!  

Also, be careful about cutting down too much on fat - you do need a
certain amount of fat in your diet to stay healthy.  Also, fat is one of
the "satiating" things - eating a bit of fat (ideally one of the "good"
fats!) can help you feel full quicker.  Similarly, protein is more
filling for its calories.  Almonds are a good snack for this reason!
Eating plenty of fruit & veg will also help make sure you're getting
enough nutrition, & again tend to make you feel less hungry.  (It can be
easy to mistake your body saying "Want more vitamins!" as "hungry!".
And then you feed it crisps or something, & it goes "great, but wanted
vitamins!" so you still feel hungry...)

Drink plenty of water; if you're in the *habit* of having crisps/other
rubbish (i.e. not because you really feel like a packet of crisps, but
because it's 3pm...) then try to replace that with
almonds/fruit/veg/other better snack.  (Easier to replace the food than
to try to stop the snacking altogether!).  

But if you find that you *want* something particular - even if it is
junk! - then just eat it.  Eating healthily isn't about depriving
yourself; it's about paying attention to what you actually *want*,
and balancing your diet.  

Low GI stuff is also good for keeping you full.  And lots of it is v


There's stuff above here

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