[london.food] [REVIEW] Konstam at The Prince Albert

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] [REVIEW] Konstam at The Prince Albert
Date: 23:57 on 20 Jul 2007
Longer review to come but this is the place that sources all its food 
from within the M25.

The short review - excellent. I think I actually prfer it to Arbutus 
which, considering I think Arbutus is excellent, is high praise indeed.

For three of us - starting with Champagne (actually, English Champagne), 
3 courses each plus a bottle of very good German Pinot Noir and then a 
bottle of Muscat for dessert (sadly the Pomona Somerset apple dessert 
wine was out) it came to approx 50 quid a head which rather blows my 
theory of "there's no point paying between 40 and 80 quid for a meal 
because it's not worth it".

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