[london.food] Adventures in ice-cream making

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From: David Cantrell
Subject: [london.food] Adventures in ice-cream making
Date: 14:37 on 27 Jul 2007
Last weekend I ordered far too many strawberries, and far too much
cream.  I froze half of the strawberries to use them later.  To finish
up the cream, I decided to make whisky ice cream.  The recipe is here:

It worked very well, although next time I'll try using a bit more
whisky.  I was light on the booze this time because I've just got a new
freezer and didn't know how studly it was, but it froze that really
quickly so next time I'll try 3 fl oz of spirit to a pint of the
milk/cream mixture.

But this still leaves me with some frozen strawberries.  I want to make
strawberry and booze ice cream.  What booze do you think I should add to
a mixture of milk, cream, and mashed strawberries?  Perhaps a very dry
white wine?

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