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From: Simon Batistoni
Subject: Re: [] Mojito cupcakes
Date: 03:37 on 30 Jul 2007
On Jul 29, 2007, at 2:55 AM, James O'Brien wrote:

> My girlfriend spotted this recipe: 
> mojito-cupcakes/ and with a bit of tinkering adapted a standard  
> cupcake recipe from the excellent Mennonite Community Cookbook  
> ( 
> Recipes/dp/083613625X ).
> These have been a real hit with friends, they come out a little  
> more dense than fairy cakes but they're full of flavour. This  
> recipe makes about 12.

Weird. I did almost exactly the same thing a couple of weeks back,  
but haven't had the time to write up the recipe properly :)

The one caveat I'd add is to make sure that you add the lime juice as  
late as possible in all instances - too early, and the dairy  
ingredients have a tendency to curdle...

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