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From: Tom Sulston
Subject: Re: [] Herve This - Molecular Gastronomy
Date: 18:28 on 03 Aug 2007
On Aug 03, 2007, at 11:17, Jakob Whitfield wrote:

> Has anyone got a copy of this book? Is it worth buying if I've got a
> copy of McGee? From what I can see in the blurbs online, it seems to
> be slightly more applied and recipe-based than McGee.

I have both This and McGee[1]. This is more like a series of essays  
that confirm or debunk popular culinary myths. So it's really good  
reading for the bus or what-have-you, whereas McGee is pretty  
impenetrable but Very Science and more suited to being at home with a  
table to put it and a mug of tea on.


[1] There's a whole Marx brothers' sketch in here somewhere:

"This is the best cookbook"
"No, that's McGee, This is best"
"This isn't as good as this"
etc etc...

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