Yes, the rumours are true. After epic battles with every t-shirt printer
in london the official Winter Season t-shirts are finally ready.

And not a misogynist catchphrase anywhere to be seen. Yay!

If you want a t-shirt then send a cheque for the appropriate amount to Simon Wistow 107a St Paul's Road London N1 2NA And I'll get round to sending them to you. This may be done in a batch rather than individually so you may have to wait a week or so but I'll get them out before lasting posting day for christmas. No UK resident should send me an email reserving a t-shirt and when I figure out a good way of transferring the money then I'll inform you and send them off to you.
</**UPDATE**> There are 5 different designs. These have the same back print and the same size distribution but have different coloured t-shirts and different front designs. The front logo sits over the left breast *fnaaar*. Sunnydale dark red (gif) (png) ZZ9pluralZalpha black (gif) (png) ankh-morpork dark blue (gif) (png) tatooine dark brown (gif) (png) rivendell dark green (gif) (png) And the back ... (gif) (png) Conveniently we have a picture of Miss Jo 'Zool' Walsh modelling the ZZ9PluralZalpha tshirt in the very fetching Ladeez™ size t-shirt in some sort of cheezy, evil glowing redeye parody of catalogue poses : front and back (thanks to Andy McFarland for the photos) There will be a call for photos to be taken of various people in various sizes of t-shirts later. You have been warned <grin> They're the perfect $non_denominational_late_december_celebration gift for your favourite geek! Buy now to avoid the rush! All profits go towards saving a camel from being molested by sicko-depraved Northern Irishmen! There is 50 of each t-shirt (so 250 in total) in the size distribution XXL : 15 XL : 15 L : 10 M : 5 Girly : 5 ---- 50 (x 5 = 250) ---- Pricing will be 1 tshirt = £12.50 4 tshirts = £45.00 5 tshirts = £50.00 Yes, this seems a little expensive but all profits will go to sponsoring the camel at london zoo for another year (and hence paying back Robert Shiels who awfully nicely put up the cash in advance). This includes post and packaging for the UK, I'll work out what it will be for international shipping later. T-shirts will initially be offered to members with any spare being offered to all and sundry - probably by the start of december. I'm trying to come up with a good distribution system for this sort of thing. My first thought was setting up a paypal account and then buying a load of Jiffy bags and stamps and then rigging up a crude shopping bit on the website. Unfortunatley I have no idea how the website is rigged together and also have never used Template::Toolkit so if somebody with CFT could do that I would be eternally grateful and would offer unto you my first born. Or buy you a pint. Plus you'd be the eternal hero of the whole Monging world. Either that or until then I'll ask people to send personal cheques and you'll have to trust me not to run off to Amsterdam or something with the cash. Questions on a post card to the usual address And remember - a camel is for life, not just for Christmas. Simon