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From: Emily Dubberley
Subject: RE: [] roast beef and stuff
Date: 15:57 on 18 Aug 2006
How about baked onions - core them then chop up the core,
fry it with some bacon lardons and stir in some breadcrumbs
and any fresh herbs that take your fancy?

Or you could do a potato dauphenoise style thing underneath
the beef so that it soaks up all the juices as it cooks (just
layer potatoes and onions and pour over cream)

Also, when you're cooking the beef, I'd strongly recommend
rubbing Dijon mustard all over it and chucking two or three
anchovy fillets on top - doesn't taste fishy but adds depth
to the gravy



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From: Joel Bernstein []
Sent: 18 August 2006 15:23
Subject: [] roast beef and stuff

I bought a nice piece (about 750g) of rolled beef fillet yesterday. I'm
intending to use it for a roast. I'm looking for suggestions of things
to serve with it, especially something to roast with it.

I'm planning to serve it with "esparregado", a Portuguese spinach dish
made with chopped spinach, olive oil, garlic, vinegar and a bit of
cream... vaguely similar to creamed spinach but much more unctuous and

I have a bag of dried girolles (chanterelles) that I'm thinking could
make a really nice sauce/gravy. Was wondering about roasting potato
wedges with the skin on and some sea salt and garlic. What else would be
a nice accompaniment to this?

Ideas, suggestions, etc gratefully accepted.


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