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From: Stig Brautaset
Subject: Re: [] Bread Maker
Date: 07:55 on 06 Mar 2007
On 5 Mar 2007, at 22:34, Rev Simon Rumble wrote:

> This one time, at band camp, Jakob Whitfield wrote:
>> I know someone who uses his breadmaker solely as an overpowered
>> kneading machine, letting the dough rise outside the machine and
>> baking it in the oven. I'd imagine he uses standard bread recipes.
> Yes, breadmakers can make a decent loaf, probably better than the
> average supermarket loaf but not much.

Wrong. Very wrong. My breadmaker makes a _much_ better bread than the  
average supermarket loaf.

To really make a _good_ bread though, my experience is the same as  

> The problem is while they knead the loaf very well, they're lousy  
> at baking it.

My breadbaker has a "dough" setting, which does the kneading and  
first rising.
I then take it out, pound it a bit, and put it in a bread-tin then  
put it in the airing
cupboard for a second rising while I let the oven heat up.

I still let the breadmaker do the whole process occasionally when  
I've forgotten
to make bread and I need it the next morning. The 12 hour timer thing  
is fantastic :)


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