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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: [london.food] Meal last night
Date: 14:07 on 10 Mar 2007
Thanks to everyone who came out to play last night!  I think we all
enjoyed ourselves.

For the interested who didn't make it, the menu choices were:

 * Fennel soup - really very nice.  It had mushrooms in too.  I find myself
   wanting to eat this again.
 * Italian tasting platter
 * Lobster cocktail - basically prawn cocktail with lobster instead.  I
   thought this looked rather overpriced (13 quid!)

 * Rump steak with roquefort and red onion marmalade - I had this, took the
   roquefort off though since it didn't need it and I was planning on finishing
   the meal with cheese.  The frites it came with were fantastic, lovely and
   crunchy.  As were the green beans, actually.
 * Springbok sosatie with fresh mango and pawpaw - this was a sort of kebab.
 * Sea bass with pureed Jerusalem artichokes, wilted spinach, and tapenade.

 * Charlotte au chocolat
 * Rhubarb pie with vanilla bean ice cream
 * Cheeseboard

Disappointingly, they didn't let us go into the cheese cupboard to choose our
own cheese, but I suspect that might have got a bit chaotic.  They did have
us send a posse into the wine room at the start of the meal, to choose wine
for the party.

Anyone who wishes to opine on either the restaurant or the pub we met in
beforehand may do so here:


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