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From: Ian Malpass
Subject: Re: [] Cake knife and serving measurements
Date: 16:33 on 09 May 2007
John Corcoran wrote:
> The new girlfriend wants a fancy ginger grater from somewhere like
> Heals.
> In the last 3 months, during which we have cooked together lots, I have
> never seen her use ginger, grated or otherwise!

Lea and Perrins used to do a great ginger puree sauce thingy. You could 
just stick a dollop of it in $dish and be away. No grating, no 
discovering that the chunk of ginger you've got is now the consistency 
of teak. I know you can get jars of grated ginger, but this had no bits 
in it at all. Then all of a sudden it disappeared, and I've never been 
able to find it since :(


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