Re: [] Cocktail database?

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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] Cocktail database?
Date: 15:37 on 08 Jun 2007
On Fri 08 Jun 2007, Simon Wistow <> wrote:
> It's structured as name, ingredients, description and it does a full 
> text search. I could change the way stemming and normalising is done.
> What I should really do is do through, tokenize the ingredients and try 
> and find amounts and names and aliases (Smirnoff -> Vodka for example) 
> Then try and do something clever.

Maybe we should have a hackday some time, and work on it?
People who can't program or design or write CSS/HTML could contribute
by means of food and/or cocktails.  (Serious suggestion - I could
probably host it, too.  The hackfest that is, not the resulting website.)


There's stuff above here

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