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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] Quick'n'Easy Kedgeree
Date: 10:59 on 12 Jul 2007
I'm not sure this strictly counts as pure Kedgeree but it's damn tasty, 
dead easy to make and works hot, cold and for Breakfast, Lunch and a 
light Dinner, for picnics and even as a side dish.

Basically ...

1) Cook some rice. I do this in my rice cooker but all technological 
   heathens and other backwards neanderthals may use a 'sauce' pan.

2) I've taken to putting curry powder in with the cooking rice but it 
   can be added later. By curry powder I mean everything from Schwartz's 
   genero korma powder to whatever Indian style spices you want. Cumin 
   works well.

3) Meanwhile, boil an egg per person. Until semi hard boiled - say 7  
   minutes or so. I like it when the yolk is still very slightly runny. 
   When done submerge them in cold water or, if you're me, leave the 
   cold tap running over them. This stops them going grey.

4) Fry some diced onions. Use more spices. I particularly like using 
   mustards seeds and cumin seeds here (you probably don't want to use 
   seeds in the rice). If you have no spices in the rice then you'll 
   want more spices here. In fact, some might sya that it's better to 
   have all the spices in the frying pan and none in the rice but I tend 
   to find that makes for a sliughtly over powering taste. What you're looking 
   for, in the seasoning, is a background note of fragrancy and a lovely 
   yellow colouring of the dish.

5) Flake a smoked mackerel per person (removing the skin) and fold it 
   gently into the onions and warm through. I like the peppered smoked 
   mackerel for bit but that's just me.

6) When that's done peel the eggs and dice, and then mix the whole lot 
   into the rice. Fold gently. Season to taste. You may want to add a 
   little bit of water (or chicken stock) to loosen or, as I've done 
   previously, sour cream or yoghurt. This is really a dish of "do 
   whatever you want" to be honest. I've toyed with adding sultanas and 
   raisins before but they might be a little sweet.

Dead eays to keep for a few days, dead eays to reheat and cheap.

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