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From: David Cantrell
Subject: Re: [] Why dont you cook something traditionally english....
Date: 18:41 on 18 Aug 2006
On Fri, Aug 18, 2006 at 02:09:11PM +0100, Jenny Mather wrote:

> So we went on holiday and stayed with a friend at their parents' house and
> towards the end there came inevitable question why dont you cook something
> traditionally english?
> ...
> I'm intrigued if other people have had similar experiences.....

I spent new year a couple of years ago with some German friends.  I
decided that they needed a proper breakfast - none of that bread and
cold meats rubbish - on new years day to help chase the beer monster
away.  It went down very well.  The sossidges were a little odd, being
nasty furrin sossidges, and using blutwurst instead of black pudding
produced something tolerable but a bit gooey instead of being nice and

They didn't trust the fried tomatoes though.

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