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From: Richard van Oorschot
Subject: Re: [] Lemon glut
Date: 07:47 on 22 Sep 2006
> Any suggestions what to do with all these lemons?  They're too big to do
> the Iranian pickled lemon thing, unless I found some very big jars...

Excuse the bad joke, but: "If life sends you lemons, make lemonade!"

And I remember also seeing a recipe for the pickled lemons where they
were cut into 4 before being pickled, that might help you use smaller
jars as well.
There are a lot of lemon-named recipes, but they hardly ever use up
more then 1, maybe 2 lemons, so that won't help you much. Althought
loads of dishes with a few lemons will also deplete your supply
steadily. Some ideas: Lemon cheesecake, tomato sauce cooked with
lemonrind, stuffed chicken (1,5 lemon in the cavity with garlick, the
rind underneath the skin with parsley and butter), Saganaki Tiri
(greek fried chees slices) drenched in lemon juice, etc etc.

Good luck!

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