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From: James O'Brien
Subject: Re: [] Bread Maker
Date: 21:14 on 05 Mar 2007
On 5 Mar 2007, at 16:21, Tony Kennick wrote:

> I'm also perfectly open to suggestions along the lines of "buy a  
> copy of
> x book"

Buy a copy of x book, where x is equal to The Best Low-Fat, No-Sugar  
Bread Machine Cookbook Ever. 

Don't be afraid of the low-fat no sugar thing, it's not a gateway to  
lentilism, it just encourages the use of more interesting sweetners  
like apple and pumpkin. Lots of very adventurous recipes within.

Also, here's a good day-to-day Oatmeal Bread that comes out very  
sweet and moist.

Add all the ingredients in the order given:
1 cup water
1/4 cup molasses (or honey or maple syrup*)
2 tablespoons marge or butter
3 cups strong flour (we use half white, half wholemeal)
1/2 cup porage oats
2 tablespoons dried milk (if you're going to use your bread machine  
much at all you'll want to keep dried milk on hand)
1.5 tsp salt
1 sachet machine yeast

Bake on the sweet bread cycle, makes a 1.5lb loaf.

*With bread machines as with any kind of baking you can always  
substitute molasses, honey or maple syrup for granulated or caster  
sugar, just remember to cut back a slightly-less-than equal amount of  
the other wet ingredients.
"London.Food's Mr. Turkey Burger"

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