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From: Jakob Whitfield
Subject: Re: [] Moving house
Date: 13:21 on 22 Mar 2007
A decent Chef's knife will cost you in excess of 50. This sounds like
a lot, but they will last you for years and years. A block of knives
for 40 will be stamped rather than forged, which means that they
blunt quicker. A full set of knives, steel, block and scissors from
Henckels should be about 180-200 - I think amazon sells them. This
contains all the knives you'll need in a kitchen - not cheap, but well
worth it. On the other hand, like Juliet, I have a really good 10"
Chef's knife, a small paring knife, a breadknife and a steel. I also
have a couple of cheap knives from IKEA, but I don't really need or
use these that much.

I love my Henckels knives, but then I've got big hands and like the
German handle style. Look for a knife style that fits your hand well
and has a nice balance. Most knives are made from stainless steel
these days, but some are made from carbon steel. Carbon steel knives
are easier to sharpen than stainless, but blunt quicker. Like I
mentioned above, you want forged knives. Look for a knife where the
blade extends right the way back through the handle, rather than
disappearing into a plastic grip - the handle can come off on cheap

Buy a steel and learn how to use it - touch up the edge on your knives
every few times you use them. This keeps the edge on them, and means
you don't have to sharpen (or get them sharpened) so often. I've heard
good things about cook's choice sharpeners - pull-through is the way
to go if you're at all inexperienced, as it's easy to destroy the edge
with a whetstone if you don't know what you're doing. (On that note,
can anyone recommend anywhere decent in town to get knives sharpened?
I know some of the big department stores get people from the
knife-makers in around Christmas, but I always seem to miss them).


There's stuff above here

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